Beaches & Islands

Bang Saen Beach
Is one of the famous beaches in Chonburi province. Along the beach you can find vendors selling drinks, seafood and snacks. They also have rented deck chairs and rubber rings for swimming.
Around 20 mins from Nara Residence.

Koh Loi
Is a small island close to the mainland in Sriracha district. In this island there is Green Turtle Park and Luang Po Pew shrine which also serves as a nice view spot over Siracha downtown. There are no accommodations on Koh Loi. Tourists often visit this island mainly for sightseeing, enjoy fishing around the port, pay respect to Lung Po Pew, or hire a boat to go further to other islands.
10 mins from Nara Residence.

Koh Sri Chang
Koh Si-Chang is another large island in Chonburi, most area of Koh si chang are high hills, pine trees, and sandy beaches. There are three types of traveling at Koh Si Chang,historical tour, temple tour and nature tour. As for the nature our, there is a beach suitable for swimming and kayaking in the west of the island.
15mins from Nara Residence to the port

Khao Sammuk
Is a famous mountain near Bangsan Beach. On the top of the hill is Khao Sam Muk Shrine where tourists can spend some time appreciating the scenery and pay respect to the shrine. Kao Sam muk is also a place renowned for monkey troops and seafood restaurants. Distance:
10 mins from Nara Residence.

Nong Nuch Tripical Garden
Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens is a great destination for visitors who like nature, it is decorated with thousands of flowers and palms from all around the world. Other than the nature side, the garden also features with zoo, circus shows, as well as Thai arts and traditional exhibitions.
Distance: 1hour from Nara Residence.
Distance: 40 mins from Nara Residence

Floating Market
Floating market is a major attraction in Pattaya, it is approximately 35 minutes away from Sri Racha. Here is established under the concept of presenting cultures and traditions of 4 regions of Thailand. The floating market could indicate what people in different areas live. Visitors can also enjoy shopping local products from here, such as wooden sculpture, silverware, handmade bag, Thai silk, and so on.
Distance : 45 mins from Nara Residence

Silverlake Winery
is Chonburi province's first vineyard and winery and only a few hundred feet from Buddha Mountain. The winery is surrounded by a large lake which turns silvery in color at dusk, thus, the name Silverlake.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo
Wildlife kingdom of over 400 Bengal tigers. Visitors can hold the tiger cub and feeding milk in the natural atmosphere. The zoo also run exciting tiger and crocodile show.
Distance: 20 mins from Nara Residence

Khao Keaw Open zoo
is the first zoo in Thailand, it has been established for more than 60 years. Visitors can enjoy animal life from either the day time or night time. The night Safari Khao Keaw Open zoo is the only natural park in Chonburi Province. The number of animals is more than 8000 from 300 animal types, in the zoo visitors can drive their vehicle or can take a service bus provided by the zoo to see specific animals; there are also animal shows and information of animal types for educating purpose. Distance :
30 mins from Nara Residence.

Is a fishing village with wonderful scenery. Nowadays, Angsila is very famous for its products implements from granite. Items made are mainly mortar and pestle which widely use in Thai household.
Distance: 10 mins from Nara Residence.